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Link Video // – On January 1, the virtual world was shocked by a series of controversial incidents which became hot topics of discussion on various social media platforms. The hashtag #ControversialJanuary has begun to dominate trending topics, attracting the attention of netizens from various circles. The following are some of the unnatural acts that caught the public’s attention at the start of this year:

An amateur video shows street racing taking place on the streets of a big city. This dangerous act sparked widespread condemnation from people concerned about public safety. Authorities are conducting an investigation to identify the perpetrators and ensure appropriate legal action is taken.

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A popular content creator on a streaming platform shared a prank video that was considered controversial. The unexpected actions in the video gave rise to pros and cons among fans and netizens. Discussions also developed about the ethics of content creation and the need for clearer boundaries.

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Several public places were reported to be the location of uncontrolled parties involving large crowds without complying with health protocols. Images and videos of the incident shocked many, as authorities attempted to enforce the rules and impose appropriate sanctions.

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A live television show featured controversy when a participant performed a provocative act on stage. Event organizers and television stations received sharp criticism from viewers and the general public regarding the lack of filters against inappropriate actions.

These controversies have created discussions on social media about boundaries, ethics, and responsibilities in various contexts. Society widely expresses their concern about unreasonable actions that could harm individuals or undermine social norms. Authorities and supervisory agencies are also expected to take appropriate measures to maintain a balance between freedom and responsibility in the digital space.

A cyberbullying incident against a celebrity took social media by storm. Rude comments and inappropriate threats to personal integrity are in the spotlight of netizens. Organizations and individuals concerned about the protection of victims of cyberbullying are calling for more serious action against perpetrators and increased awareness of the negative impacts of such behavior.

Through the hashtag #ControversialJanuary, people are actively sharing their views and discussing possible solutions to overcome these various unnatural acts. In an atmosphere that has sparked serious conversations about ethics and responsibility in online spaces, many expectations are placed on authorities and social media platforms to provide a firm response and enforce existing rules.

In light of these incidents, a number of organizations and individuals are advocating for public awareness campaigns, urging people to be more careful in using social media and consider the impact of each of their actions online. Thus, it is hoped that this January, which started with controversy, will also become a momentum for positive change and increased awareness of shared responsibility in the digital world.

The emergence of a trend of prank videos that cross ethical boundaries also gave rise to controversy at the beginning of this year. Some content creators use pranks that harm or cause discomfort to others, raising concerns about the psychological and emotional impact that such actions may have. Netizens criticized this trend and urged social media platforms to be stricter in moderating prank content that could be detrimental.

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A vlog video shows the disclosure of a sexual crime case by a victim. Despite the intention to raise awareness about these crimes, some believe that the content may exploit the suffering of individuals. Discussions arose about the ethics of disclosing criminal cases and the need for a wiser and more sensitive approach in conveying such information.

A live streaming platform user committed a violent act live in front of an online audience. The incident sparked criticism and concern, raising questions about the boundaries of live streaming platforms and the need for more effective moderation systems.


In the face of this series of unnatural acts, society has widely expressed a desire for change and increased awareness of the social impact of content on social media. In addition, the push for increased regulation and moderation of content from authorities and social media platforms is increasingly being discussed in depth. It is hoped that this news and conversation can be an impetus for positive change and improve ethics in the use of social media in the future.

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