New Ka Mangyan Viral Video

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New Ka Mangyan Viral Video

Inetindonesia.comNew Ka Mangyan Viral Video, In the last few days, cyberspace has been filled with controversy surrounding a content creator known as New Ka Mangyan, after a video that was considered inappropriate went viral on various social media platforms on January 6.

New Ka Mangyan was previously known as someone who was active in creating entertaining and educational content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. However, the situation changed when his controversial video started circulating widely on social media.

New Ka Mangyan Viral Video

New Ka Mangyan Viral Video
New Ka Mangyan Viral Video

In the video, New Ka Mangyan engages in actions that many users consider inappropriate. The video immediately caused criticism and controversy in various online communities. Social media users reacted by condemning actions deemed unethical and violating social norms.

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A number of New Ka Mangyan followers expressed their disappointment and criticized the sudden change in content shared by the content creator. Some parties even asked social media platforms to take action regarding the spread of content deemed to violate community guidelines.

Until this news was written, New Ka Mangyan had not provided an official statement regarding this controversy. Followers are waiting for explanations or clarifications from the creator’s content.

This controversy reminds us of the importance of ethics and responsibility in sharing content in cyberspace. A number of activists and public figures have begun to emphasize the need for education regarding ethical online behavior and responsible use of social media.

This incident became a hot topic of conversation among social media users, and the public demanded that public figures, including content creators, hold their social responsibility and maintain integrity and ethics in working in cyberspace.

After several days in the spotlight of controversy, New Ka Mangyan finally gave an official statement in response to the controversial video that made him the center of attention on social media.

In his statement, New Ka Mangyan admitted that the actions in the video were a big mistake and realized that it had disappointed his followers. The content creator apologized to anyone who felt disturbed or disappointed by his actions.

“I realize that what I did was inappropriate and did not reflect the values that I should maintain as a content creator. I am truly sorry and apologize to everyone who felt affected by my actions,” said New Ka Mangyan in his statement.

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New Ka Mangyan also emphasized its intention to learn from its mistakes and is committed to changing the direction of its content in a more positive and educational direction. He promised to pay more attention to the social impact of each of his works and avoid content that could offend social norms.

New Ka Mangyan’s followers responded to his statement with a variety of opinions, from providing support for his honesty to remaining skeptical waiting for real changes in the content shared in the future.


This controversy shows that a creator’s content decisions can have a major impact on their reputation and highlights the importance of responsibility and ethics in creating online. While New Ka Mangyan tries to restore its image, the public continues to watch and assess the changes it will make.

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